About Us

Welcome to Kingdom Domain Ministry, Inc.

In 1964, when Rev. Emmanuel Bellabre was ten years old, the message of Jehovah’s Kingdom came to him. As a young lay minister, after working with other ministers over the years, he realized that he accomplished nothing for the Kingdom of Jehovah. Realizing time wasted therefore, he seeks out Jehovah’s guidance in June 1975, and he was reminded of his mission. Consequently, on December 1975, Kingdom Domain Ministry was born.

Kingdom Domain Ministry is a Christian-based nonprofit organization that offers a faith base hope to all and strives to give individuals who wish to express their compassion with distressed individual, and is structured for the benefit of all people. The mission is to spread the word of Jehovah, the good news of His love for His creation. The Ministry offers spiritual, social, and educational programs that would lead to the plan Jehovah set aside for His children, a better life.

Our Faith

We believe the Bible is the only book to find the word of Jehovah. His word is unfailing and commanding. We believe there is only one True Father, His name is Elohim “YHWH” and, His name is embodied in the person of YESHUA the Christ, Father and Son.

We believe in our Father Elohim, through Yahshua Christ. We believe in His virgin conception, His sinless life, His death on the Cross, His resurrection, His return in power, He is our strength. He is the King of glory. We believe the Kingdom of Elohim YHWH, to be established here on earth with Yahshua Christ as King to rule the earth.

Elohim is faithful to His promise, and His Word is True for all area of existence. Peacemaking is an essential activity for all His children. We urge people in dispute to learn and believe that Elohim, YHWH’s Word is the only way to live in harmony. Through learning and following the word of Elohim, we know anyone can get the energy of the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Kingdom of Elohim, YHWH is only for believers and that, there are chastisements for disbelievers. We believe it is an absolute necessity that the sinners be salvaged by the Holy Spirit in order to enter the Kingdom Elohim, YHWH.

We believe that everyone is justified to receive salvation by believing the massage of YHWH through Yahshua Christ, who gave it.

Our Goals
  • To assist those who would like to share the positive good news of Elohim, YHWH to the world.
  • To reinforce church groups and missionaries to promote Elohim’s Good News to the world.
  • To empower and support people to develop healthy spiritual families.
  • To prepare young men and women for holy ministries so that stronger Christian cultures can be encouraged.

To enlighten our youth about the purpose of Elohim, YHWH and help them receive their blessings.


Members can anticipate certain benefits that the Father, Elohim provides to fulfill their desires. There is spiritual and emotional assistance in the area of needs. Participants may become morally motivated through the Bible guideline.

  • Bible studies focused on different requirements of an individual or learner.
  • Special request to the Almighty on behalf of a participant.
  • Effective solutions to your questions.
  • Prayer assistant by ministers.
  • Biblical insight on family issues.
  • Phone / email or tangible mail chaplaincy services.
  • Complete acknowledgment of individual needs.
Our Location

Since 2009, we have been serving the State of Florida. Throughout the domains of religion, social welfare in the immigrant communities are receiving assistance. We also cover outside of the United States, in the Country of Haiti.

In Haiti, help people grow their vegetable garden and also, help drilled well to find fresh drinking water. we provide financial assistance for schooling of children whom their patents have no resources to educate them. We offer help to identify opportunities and, measuring people skills into starting small businesses in order to further strengthen their family successes.